8 Amazing Fruit Facts You May Not Know


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You’ve probably heard of all the reasons why eating fruits is good for you.

It’s good for the heart.

It helps prevent cancer.

It contains vitamins and minerals that boost your immune system.

Well, we’ve heard of all these (well mostly.) Don’t you think so? But today, we’ll be sharing more things you probably didn’t know about fruits!

Let me share with you 8 amazing fruit facts you didn’t know, and why should it be a part of your diet.


  1. Fruits make us smarter.

Buckle up, Einstein. Because eating fruits can make you triple times the smarty pants that you already are!

Did you know that fruits that are high in antioxidants contribute to brain chemistry?

Which makes you smarter,

Some great examples of fruits that can boost that brain activity are kiwis, cherries, and even strawberries.

Now the next time you plan an all-nighter studying for an exam the next day (or you know someone who does), I suggest adding these fruits to your grocery list and ace any test!


  1. Fruits give us better skin.

Finally, another beautiful way to glow!

Did you know that fruits in Vitamin C help in promoting radiant skin?

Also, they help our blemish spots heal properly. Mostly, these are scars brought about by acne. Some best sources of fruits that could give our skins the extra glow are oranges, papaya, strawberries, and even oranges.

It’s high time to get that glow-up!


  1. Fruits are good for mental health.

Live in a better state of mind.

Besides surrounding yourself with all the positivity in the world, get some good fruits to support your mental health!

Studies have shown that aside from the physical benefits brought about by fruits, they can also support mental wellness.

Eating more fruits can lower the chances of depression, negativity, and even stress.


  1. Fruits are suitable for metabolism.

If you’re trying to lose all that weight and burn some extra fat you have in your body, fruits can help you with just what you need!

Begin your fitness program by eating a lot of fruits (aside from constant exercise, of course.) 

Fruits that can significantly help with your metabolism are citrus fruits and berries.

What an amazing way to lose some weight!


  1. Fruits can replace the energy you try to get from coffee.

Raise your hands if you’re a Starbucks baby?

Well, I think most of the people are.

It’s pretty standard how people start their day, or probably extend it and work all night through drinking coffee knowing that it’s what will keep them alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic!

But, did you know that apples can accurately replace the energy you can get from coffee?

This is all because of an apple’s high carbohydrate content, and the vitamins and minerals in store in it that helps you become energized all day long!

See what I mean? There are so many reasons to love fruits to keep your body in shape and on the go! 


  1. Fruits can keep you hydrated.

Have you ever heard of someone who always reminds you to stay hydrated?

Well, of course, the first thing that is going to pop in your head is to drink water.

But did you know that fruit intake can hydrate you as water does?

Say, for example, Watermelons. It contains 92% of water! That’s why it’s pretty standard in traveling and beach outings.

So the next time you want to keep yourself away from staying hydrated, eat some watermelon!


  1. They’re better kinds of snacks.

Instead of eating unhealthy snacks like chips,

Eat some fruits instead.

They’re a tasty treat for you on your afternoon breaks! The best thing about it is you can eat around 2 pounds of fruit and gain at least two calories.

As this is connected to losing weight, it can also be a form of getting yourself some healthy snacks!


  1. Fruits help you live longer.

Last but not least, fruits can lengthen your chance of living a longer life.

Because of the vitamins and minerals it contains that protects you from different kinds of illnesses, eating fruits makes you enjoy your days on earth even more because of its health benefits.

Not only will you be living a longer life, but you’ll also be living a healthier one.


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