8 reasons you should support local farms

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Local farms are a treasure to the community.
You may not have thought about it deeply yet, but there's a lot of advantages to it than you'll ever know. 
Do you have anything in mind? If not, let us share with you all the reasons why it's a must to support local farms.
  1. You get to allow local farmers to earn
By supporting local farms, you can support the local farmers.
Instead of buying from groceries and markets that can cost you double the price rather than buying it straight from the farmers, you also get to make sure that the farmers get paid for what they worked for.
Frequently, middlemen buy produce from these farmers for costs that usually don't return the money the farmers invested and distribute them in the market triple the price. 
Considering that the farmer has to pay the landlord or even the workers who helped until the farm, it's safe to say that whatever comes back to them is too little and not enough to sustain them and their families' needs.
  1. By supporting local farmers, you help support their families.
Supporting local farmers also means supporting their families.
By purchasing straight from them and ensuring that products you buy are at a fair price, you give them the opportunity for a better life.
Just like you, farmers work day and night in the land to earn a living. Yes, the odds of a farmer's work may be 360 degrees different from the regular office profession, but they do have the same needs.
Some of the standard payables farmers have are food, clothing, medicine, essential utilities, and even tuition fees for their kids in school. Supporting them means allowing them to have a sustainable lifestyle.
  1. You know where your food comes from
Do you ever wonder where your food comes from?
If you do, getting produce straight from farms will help you satisfy the meticulous you (especially when it comes with fruits and vegetables.)
Knowing the farm where your fruits and vegetables come from will also give you the idea of how it was grown. Say no more to produce grown artificially with chemicals since you'll finally get to make sure everything you get is farmed naturally.
  1. You get to purchase safer and fresh produce.
Going back to artificially grown produce, some farms use chemicals to speed up the process of growing fruits and vegetables.
And let me tell you, this isn't what you want. You will always prefer those grown naturally, right?
Aside from being grown artificially, these chemicals also have harsh effects on your body. Supporting local farms and getting your produce straight from them helps you make sure you get safe and fresh products!
  1. You promote a cleaner environment.
Do you know that transporting fruits and vegetables can involve a lot of moving from one place to another?
Yes, this may be in the form of trucks, or boats via cargo, which only adds pollution to the environment.
If you support local farming, rest assured you'll always get produce within your community, which ensures shorter transportation of products.
In this way, you also get to promote a cleaner environment for all!
  1. You can taste the real flavors of your produce.
How tasty do you envision your fruits and vegetables to be?
Of course, you would love them to be in its freshest and rawest form, right? Well, let me tell you, supporting local farms also means you get to taste the real flavors of your products without the harsh chemicals, without the preservatives, and without being artificially grown.
All fresh and natural for you and your family!
  1. You nourish yourself better with fresh produce.
Need I say more?
Fresh produce means those that were not grown artificially. It means farmers took the time to develop these products in the safest and its most natural form.
Having fruits and vegetables in the freshest form for your meals ensures you have healthy products with all its vitamins and minerals intact, from the farm straight to your table!
  1. You get to connect with the community.
Supporting local farms means being in one with the community.It's just like the circle of life. Or shall we say, living in harmony with people. 
When you buy produce at a fair price, the farmers can continue sustainable farming to provide you and your family the freshest of goods.
And when you get the freshest of goods, you ensure safe meals for your family filled with essential nutrients your body needs to boost your immune system. In this give and take relationship, you promote unity.
We hope you learned a lot about all the reasons you should support local farms. Start this advocacy today and ensure a fantastic savory experience with produce from farm to table! We at FruitDel, share the same goal in supporting local farms. In addition, we also offer same day fruit delivery services within Cebu, particularly in Minglanilla, Talisay, Cebu, Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu, Consolacion, and Liloan area.